PHP Core Roundup #5

Published on Aug 31, 2022 by Ayesh Karunaratne

Welcome to the fifth edition of PHP Core Roundup, a series of posts that round up updates and news on the latest improvements, discussions, bug fixes, and new features in PHP.

The PHP Foundation currently supports six part-time PHP contributors who work on maintenance and new features for PHP. Maintenance is not limited to fixing bugs, but also includes work to reduce technical debt, making life easier for everyone working on PHP. The contributors funded by the PHP Foundation collaborate with other contributors on code, documentation, and discussions.

We publish the posts on our website, and you can subscribe to a newsletter; You don’t necessarily have to be a PHP Foundation backer to follow PHP Core Roundup.

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Roman Pronskiy, administration member of the PHP Foundation, also writes a monthly series about updates on the PHP Foundation, which are available under The PHP Foundation Update tag on the blog.

Elena Rubashevska from Open Collective interviewed Roman about the PHP Foundation, why and how it came to be, and his thoughts on the future of PHP, which you can read at PHP Foundation: Alive and Kicking.

PHP 8.2 Branching Out

PHP 8.2 reached its feature-freeze, and release managers have branched the PHP-8.2 branch on Aug 30th.

Now that PHP 8.2 is branched out, the master branch will be the development branch for PHP 8.3. Bug fixes and other improvements will be cherry-picked for PHP 8.2 (and older branches) as appropriate, but new features that are made to the master branch will not be merged to the PHP 8.2 branch.

Tools that build PHP based on the Git branches will also see the new branch, and the builds from the master branch will be named “PHP 8.3” for the first time.

PHP 8.2 Release Candidates

We already have PHP 8.2 beta releases, and the first PHP 8.2 Release Candidate (PHP 8.2.0-RC1) will be released on Sept 1st.

Remaining minor changes to PHP 8.2

Although the PHP 8.2 feature-freeze is passed, there are few changes that Jakub Zelenka proposed merging, and a few more by other contributors that are now merged to PHP 8.2. All of the changes are contained (in that, they don’t drastically change other parts of PHP apart from that proposed change), and do not include any syntax changes.

  • Add libxml_get_external_entity_loader() in PR #7977 by Tim Starling
  • Add openssl_cipher_key_length function in PR #9368 by Jakub Zelenka
  • Implement FR #76935: OpenSSL chacha20-poly1305 AEAD support in PR #9366 by Jakub Zelenka
  • Improved responses to different requests on static resources in built-in web server in PR #8215 by Vedran Miletić
  • Fix Issue #9186: @strict-properties can be bypassed using unserialization by Tim Düsterhus, Máté Kocsis, and Tyson Andre

Recent RFCs, Merged PRs, and Commits

Changes and improvements to PHP are discussed, reported, and voted on by the PHP Foundation Team, the PHP development team, and contributors. Bug reports are made to the PHP issue tracker, changes are discussed in mailing lists, minor code changes are proposed as pull requests, and major changes are discussed in detail and voted on as PHP RFCs. Documentation and the web site changes are also discussed and improved at their relevant Git repositories on GitHub.

Hundreds of awesome PHP contributors put their efforts into improvements to the PHP code base, documentation, and the website. Here is a summary of some of the changes made by the people behind PHP. Things marked with 💜 are done by the PHP Foundation team.

Derick 💜 has gone through all the date/time notes in the manual and integrated them where possible into said manual. There were literally hundreds of notes, resulting in the following changes: #1 #2 #3

RFC Updates and Pull-Request Updates

Following are the RFCs and major pull-requests discussed, voted, and implemented since our last update.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Asymmetric Visibility

    RFC by Ilija Tovilo 💜 and Larry Garfield propose (who also brought Enums to PHP in PHP 8.2) started a discussion on adding a new syntax to granularly declare visibility conditions (such as public, protected, or private) for class property set operations (such as assigning a value to a class property), while the get operations (reading the class properties) are not restricted.

    This RFC provides a new syntax for declaring the “set” operation visibility of an object property. Specifically:

    class Foo
        public private(set) string $bar;

    This code declares a property $bar that may be read from public scope but may only be modified from private scope. It may also be declared protected(set) to allow the property to be set from any protected scope (that is, child classes).

    There is an ongoing lengthy discussion about this RFC, and Brent Roose has written a blog post about his take on this RFC too.

  • RFC Under Discussion: json_validate

    Juan Carlos Morales, on his first RFC, proposes to add a new json_validate() function that returns if the given string of JSON is a valid JSON. PHP’s json_decode() function can emit errors or throw exceptions on strings with invalid JSON, but the proposed json_validate function will be faster and more memory efficient because it does not attempt to build the data structures in memory, but merely validate the given string.

    Juan first emailed the PHP-DEV mailing list last month, trying to gather feedback. By that time, his proposed name was is_json. You can also read and participate in the discussions on the mailing list.

  • RFC Under Discussion: StreamWrapper Support for glob()

    In this RFC Timmy Almroth proposes to add support for stream wrappers in the glob() function.

    glob() is a function in PHP to list and filter files and/or folders using a globbing pattern. The current implementation of glob() is a thin wrapper for POSIX glob(3). While all the Filesystem Functions in PHP support StreamWrappers, glob() does not. This RFC proposes to add consistently for stream wrappers in glob() function. With stream wrappers supported, glob() function will be able to use any supported and registered stream wrapper in PHP, similar to how other file system functions: \


  • RFC Implemented: Constants in Traits

    Shinji Igarashi and Stephen Reay's RFC to allow defining constants in traits is now implemented in PHP 8.2.

    Constants defined in traits use the same syntax as class constants, and work similarly to class constants when the traits are used in classes. However, direct access to trait constants (without going through the classes that use the trait), and using traits in classes that both have the same constant names is not allowed.

    All of the following constant declarations will work in PHP 8.2, but not allowed in older PHP versions:

    trait FooBar {
        const FOO = 'foo';
        private const BAR = 'bar';
        final const BAZ = 'baz';
        final protected const QUX = 'qux';

  • New Pull Request: Allow writing to readonly properties during cloning

    Nicolas Grekas has an open pull-request currently being discussed to allow setting or unsetting a property once when an object is being cloned (in the __clone() magic method).

    There is a lengthy discussion in the PR itself, and a Twitter thread started by Nicolas:

    This might lead to an RFC in the coming weeks and it might as well be the first RFC for PHP 8.3!

Merged PRs and Commits

Following are some changes that did not go through an RFC process because they are either planned, bug fixes, or progressive enhancements. There are automated unit and integration tests for each of these changes, the PHP core developers review all pull requests.

  • Máté Kocsis 💜 on his series of declaring extension constants in stub files for several extensions
  • Derick Rethans 💜 on DateTime extension bug fixes, improvements, and major documentation improvements.
  • Fixed GH-9200: setcookie has an obsolete expires date format in 15e3fcb468 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • Simplify and move check for too high expiry time, which you can't reach on 32bit systems in a6a5d46704 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • ext/random improvements by Tim Düsterhus
    • Improve error messages in php_random_bytes() in GH-9169
    • Improve phrasing in argument value errors in ext/random in GH-9206
    • Unify ext/random unserialize errors with ext/date in GH-9185
    • Clean up nested exceptions without value-add in ext/random in GH-9211
    • Clean up the implementation of Randomizer::__construct() in GH-9222
    • Fix PcgOneseq128XslRr64::__construct() definition in random.stub.php in GH-9235
    • Add ext/random Exception hierarchy in GH-9220
    • Fix undefined behavior of MT_RAND_PHP if range exceeds ZEND_LONG_MAX in GH-9197
    • Handle all-zero state in Xoshiro256** in GH-9250
    • Replace RuntimeException in Randomizer::nextInt() by RandomException in GH-9305
    • Unify structure for ext/random's engine tests in GH-9321
    • Fix rand_range32() for umax = UINT32_MAX in GH-9416
    • Select rand_rangeXX() variant only based on the requested range in GH-9418
  • random: split Randomizer::getInt() without argument to Randomizer::nextInt() in GH-9057 by zeriyoshi
  • PcgOneseq128XslRr64::jump(): Throw ValueError for negative $advance in GH-9213 by Anton Smirnov
  • PcgOneseq128XslRr64::jump(): Throw ValueError for negative $advance in GH-9213 by Anton Smirnov
  • Mbstring bug fixes and improvements by Alex Dowad
    • Move implementation of mb_strlen to mbstring.c in 94fde1566f
    • New implementation of mb_strimwidth in 7299096095
    • Fix legacy text conversion filter for CP50220 in 44b4fb2c36, UCS-4 in 0a6ea5bd4e, UTF7-IMAP in 219fff376b, UTF-16 in e1351eb0a6, 'HTML-ENTITIES' in d617fcaae2, CP50220 in 3517a70f93, and SJIS-2004 in 18e526cb51
    • In legacy text conversion filters, reset filter state in 'flush' function in f3c8efd711
    • Move kana conversion function to mbfilter_cp5022x.c in 78ee18413f
    • mb_strimwidth inserts error markers in invalid input string (for backwards compatibility) in 5370f344d2
    • Use new encoding conversion filters for mb_parse_str and php_mb_post_handler in aeccb139c3
    • Remove unused 'to_language' and 'from_language' struct fields in 8df515555b
    • Make control flow in mb_wchar_to_cp50220 a bit clearer in 88d13491de
    • mitate legacy behavior when converting non-encodings using mbstring in a4656895dd
    • Adjust number of error markers emitted for truncated UTF-8 code units in 128768a450
    • Adjust number of error markers emitted for truncated ISO-2022-JP escape sequence in c6bd08530e
    • Ensure that Base64 output always wraps lines in the same manner as legacy implementation in 4b370330d4
    • Legacy conversion code for '7bit' to '8bit' inserts error markers in 983a29d3c0
    • SJIS-Mobile#SOFTBANK string can end immediately after special escape sequence in bfccdbd858
    • Fix problems with ISO-2022-KR conversion in d9269becca
    • Add test to exercise _php_mb_encoding_handler_ex with multiple possible input encodings in 93207535fa
  • Reintroduce legacy 'SJIS-win' text encoding in mbstring in 371367ce3e by Alex Dowad
  • Improve DBA test suite in GH-8904 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Refactor code handling file.current_zval in GH-8934 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix parentheses warnings in ba9debb544 by Nikita Popov
  • Change fetch_type from int to uint32_t in GH-9152 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix unused-but-set-variable warnings in timelib in 40af94a24c by Nikita Popov
  • Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in hebrev() in 6ff662b2e6 by Nikita Popov
  • Avoid K&R style function declarations in sha1() in 04f5da4b77 by Nikita Popov
  • Suppress unused-but-set-variable warning in parsers in 107ad28350 by Nikita Popov
  • Close stale feature requests in GH-9182 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix attribute target validation on fake closures in GH-9173 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix arrow function with never return type in GH-9103 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Add an API to manipulate observers at runtime in 9e2de4c2d9 by Bob Weinand
  • Update libmysqlclient version used in CI in fc394b476b by Nikita Popov
  • Declare the TestInterface::DUMMY constant in stub in 668dbaf6ab by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-9183 Get rid of unnecessary PHPDoc param and return type checks in GH-9203 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix unserialize dictionary generation in 828c93bedc by Nikita Popov
  • Add opcache.preload_user=root to run-tests.php if root in 1c9a49e3f1 by Bob Weinand
  • Fix memory_leak in zend_test in ac31e2e611 by Bob Weinand
  • Include internal functions in the observer API in 625f164963 by Bob Weinand
  • Fix stale message in close-stale-feature-requests.yml in 7804cffe04 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix observer test in 50a3fa49b6 by Bob Weinand
  • Fix ZEND_RC_DEBUG build in zend_test observer tests in b3b21ed558 by Bob Weinand
  • phpdbg few fixes, mostly printf-like format issues due to C str -> zend_string mismatches. annotate the allocator wrapper in 449edd815b by David Carlier
  • Hide skipped tests in CI in GH-9163 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Declare Transliterator::$id as readonly to unlock subclassing it in GH-9167 by Nicolas Grekas
  • Fix SSA reconstruction when body of "foreach" loop is removed in af1a7b7b72 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix incorrect guard motion out of the loop in 69c10aed58 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Tracing: Prevent recording types of variables used to pass zend_class_entry in 2758ff2a77 by Dmitry Stogov
  • SPL: Use new improved is_line_empty() function instead of the old one in GH-9217 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Extended map_ptr before copying class table in GH-9188 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix bug #65489: glob() basedir check is inconsistent in e5ab9f45d5 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix GH-8396: Network online test using https broken in dc01fce36d by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Also fix ?-> on magic consts in const expressions in 7b43d819c8 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • DIM on null in const expr should emit warning in 3663f7661a by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Avoid unnecessary comparison in GH-9246 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Convert some macros to zend_always_inline functions in GH-8288 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Add conflict markers for dba tests in f11228cdbe by Christoph M. Becker
  • Remove ZEND_DVAL_TO_LVAL_CAST_OK in GH-9215 by Go Kudo
  • Save previous observer on the VM stack in dc5475c191 by Bob Weinand
  • Add proper handling to observe functions in fibers in da94baf31a by Bob Weinand
  • CI: macos-10.15 -> macos-11 in GH-9087 by Go Kudo
  • Implement constants in traits in GH-8888 by sji
  • Fix unstable sapi test, fix GH-9140 in GH-9184 by Michael Voříšek
  • zend allocators adding __declspec allocator for windows in GH-9253 by David CARLIER
  • Fix mb_strimwidth RC info in GH-9254 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix GH-9244: Segfault with array_multisort + array_shift in GH-9247 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix GH-8472: stream_socket_accept result may have incorrect metadata in d9ff5e079f by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix GH-9248: Segmentation fault in mb_strimwidth() in GH-9273 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Make "{$g{'h'}}" emit fatal error and no incorrect deprecation notice in 8.2 in GH-9264 by Tyson Andre
  • Windows arm64 zend and standard extension support in GH-9115 by dixyes
  • Fix GH-9266: GC root buffer keeps growing when dtors are present in GH-9265 by Michael Olšavský
  • Windows arm64 build system support in GH-9116 by dixyes
  • QA - pcntl - adjust tests set/get priority check env vars and root user in 663b037c7b by jcm
  • Fixes CI macOs, replacing now disabled tidyp dependency to tidy-html5 in 8aeae636e3 by Vladislav Senin
  • Fix order of checks to throw exception with better message in 18183ff9c7 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Add --[no-]progress option to run-tests.php in GH-9255 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix GH-9296: ksort behaves incorrectly on arrays with mixed keys in GH-9293 by Denis Vaksman
  • Make pestr[n]dup infallible in GH-9295 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Show function name when dumping fake closure in GH-9306 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix run-tests.php --no-progress flag for non-parallel testing in c809a213f2 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • reallocarray using proper inline facility to check overflow on windows in GH-9300 by David CARLIER
  • Fix GH-9309: Segfault when connection is used after imap_close() in GH-9313 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix GH-8409: SSL handshake timeout persistent connections hanging in d0527427be by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Update expires format for session cookie in GH-9304 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Remove useless UNEXPECTED around RETURN_VALUE_USED in specialized RETVAL handler in GH-9329 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix unexpected deprecated dynamic property warning in GH-9324 by twosee
  • Correct IntlDateFormatter::formatObject params in GH-9341 by Gert de Pagter
  • zend introduce const GNUC attribute. sub optimisation where there is no pointers, nor particular memory layout, thread local/volatile ... involved. usage concealed for now into little pack helpers. Closes #9326 in db64c1cb70 by David Carlier
  • random left rotates annotating as const in GH-9346 by David CARLIER
  • PHP-8.1 is now for PHP 8.1.11-dev in 7f26661993 by Ben Ramsey
  • Prepare for 8.0.24 in 7c6316ad1c by Gabriel Caruso
  • Fix GH-9339: OpenSSL oid_file path check warning contains uninitialized path in 84dcf578b1 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix GH-9316: $http_response_header is wrong for long status line in GH-9319 by Christoph M. Becker
  • add compat stuff for function attributes in aa702c5459 by Remi Collet
  • Fix bug #79451: Using DOMDocument->replaceChild on doctype causes double free in GH-9201 by NathanFreeman
  • Fix GCC 9.4 uninitialized variable warning in 410e5d48a3 by Tim Starling
  • Fix GH-9323: crash when the VM enters userspace code via the GC in GH-9323 by Tim Starling
  • Fix bad merge in 5739dd0030 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-9227: Trailing dots and spaces in filenames are ignored in GH-9229 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Revert Fixed bug #79451 in d6831e9a5c by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • opcache jit fix message format for OpenBSD in 52e312afb8 by David Carlier
  • Fix #79451: DOMDocument->replaceChild on doctype causes double free in GH-9201 by NathanFreeman
  • Fix GH-9285 Traits cannot be used in readonly classes in 0897266219 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix curl/sync_constants.php in GH-9391 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix pdo_oci tests for PHP 8.0 in 305892580e by Michael Voříšek
  • Fix GH-9361: Segmentation fault on script exit in GH-9379 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Tracing JIT: Fix incorrect guard elimination in c9c51eb1f1 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Add a new zend API to check that strings don't have NUL bytes in GH-9375 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Use bool instead of int in session struct in e8e015777e by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Add test for negative cookie lifetime in a75de167bf by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Remove OnUpdateLazyWrite validator in e9749a3c1e by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Remove OnUpdateTransSid validator in ad3ee47c6d by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Check sessions are active before output emitted consistently in a8f8cc207c by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix memory leaks in 73c2d79fc5 by Dmitry Stogov
  • SameSite session cookie prop should behave like other INI settings in 66aed3a86f by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Don't enforce 64 hit counter on Windows in GH-9367 by Christoph M. Becker
  • JIT: Make code generation to be consistent with register allocation in fd74ee7e90 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix type inference in 95befc786a by Dmitry Stogov
  • Drop range inference for IS_NULL/IS_FALSE/IS_TRUE in 567213c32a by Dmitry Stogov
  • Enum error message consistency in GH-9350 by Ollie Read
  • Add an API to observe functions and classes being linked in bf427b732a by Bob Weinand
  • Wrap observer notify functions into inlined enabled checks in 396b2aab85 by Bob Weinand
  • Check at compile time that a built-in class is not being aliased in GH-9402 by George Peter Banyard 💜
  • Stop JIT hot spot counting in GH-9343 by wxue1
  • Fix coding style in 205ad0af29 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix typo (Paletter → Palette) in GH-9414 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix pdo_oci tests for PHP 8.1 in GH-9051 by Michael Voříšek
  • Test oci8 & pdo_oci in CI in GH-8348 by Michael Voříšek
  • GH-9370: Fix opcache jit protection bits in e787d9a0dc by David CARLIER
  • xmlRelaxNGCleanupTypes() is deprecated as of libxml2 2.10.0 in GH-9417 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix oci8/pdo_oci random test failures when run in parallel in GH-9424 by Michael Voříšek
  • Reduce observer overhead when restoring script from opcache in GH-9413 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix GH-8348 for nightly in 34d9e089c2 by Michael Voříšek
  • Fix @strict-prototypes warning in 3264f2367d by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Support test-ini also for phpize builds in GH-8787 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix pdo_dblib ext test conflicts when run in parallel in GH-9430 by Michael Voříšek
  • Do not generate CONST_CS when registering constants in GH-9439 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-9310: SSL local_certandlocal_pkdo not respectopen_basedir` restriction in 505e8d2a04 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Implement FR #76935: OpenSSL chacha20-poly1305 AEAD support in 1407968891 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Add openssl_cipher_key_length function in 35e2a25d83 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Add libxml_get_external_entity_loader() in 11796229f2 by Tim Starling
  • Drop unsupported libxml2 2.10.0 symbols in GH-9358 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Respond without body to HEAD request on a static resource in 4f509058a9 by Vedran Miletić
  • Respond with HTTP status 405 to DELETE/PUT/PATCH request on a static resource in 7065a222b7 by Vedran Miletić
  • Update NEWS for CLI built-in server changes in 5e9af0d0b0 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Add a bit verbosity in FPM logs in 335979fe1b by Mikhail Galanin
  • FPM fix strict prototype warnings in GH-8986 by David Carlier
  • Fix ext/opcache/tests/jit/inc_obj_004.phpt failure introduced by fd74ee7e in ce42dcf483 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Delay fiber VM stack cleanup until after observer has been called in 8fe1db2089 by Bob Weinand
  • Revert "Fix GH-9296: ksort behaves incorrectly on arrays with mixed keys" in 725cb4e8ad by Christoph M. Becker
  • JIT: Fix missing type store in 4b884bedc8 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix memory leak in 4135e6011c by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix GH-8885: access.log with stderr writes logs to error_log after reload in f92505cf24 by Dmitry Menshikov
  • Fix GH-8885 tests on MacOS in bcdd9877e1 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Re-add fixed tests for GH-8885 in 986e7319c5 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix GH-9347: Current ODBC liveness checks may be inadequate in GH-9353 by Calvin Buckley
  • Fix bug #77780: "Headers already sent" when previous connection was aborted in 3503b1daa2 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix FPM tester conflict in e3034dba3e by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Update gen_stub to avoid compile errors on duplicate function names in GH-9406 by Andreas Braun
  • Fix zend/test aliases in ef21bbe66c by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Adjust PHPDoc in 869ab3c481 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Remove unused ext/zend_test alias functions in 8d78dce902 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-9186 @strict-properties can be bypassed using unserialization in GH-9354 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Catch up dev version numbers in 3d6ed8c852 by Sara Golemon
  • Make var_export/debug_zval_dump check for infinite recursion on the object in GH-9448 by Tyson Andre
  • Revert "Fix GH-9296: ksort behaves incorrectly on arrays with mixed keys" in 1862152145 by Ben Ramsey
  • Fix tests in 65619e868c by Christoph M. Becker
  • Add NEWS and UPGRADING entries for GH-9296 in 853181a14d by Christoph M. Becker
  • Prepare for PHP 8.3 in 327c95237c by Pierrick Charron

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