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Our Mission

The PHP Foundation is a collective of people and organizations relying on the PHP language. Its mission is to ensure the long-term prosperity of the PHP language.

The PHP Foundation focuses on providing financial support and guidance to PHP language developers to support its goals of improving the language for its users, providing high-quality maintenance, and improving the PHP language project to retain current contributors and to integrate new contributors.

The PHP Foundation aims to promote the public image of the PHP language in the interest of retaining existing and gaining new users and contributors.

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Our Work

The foundation contracts 10 part-time developers who work on maintenance and new features for PHP.

The foundation team contributes in many forms: filing issues, reviewing pull requests, participating in discussions on mailing lists, triaging issues, submitting RFC proposals, writing documentation, maintaining project infrastructure, fixing bugs, and implementing features.

Total by The PHP Foundation in 2023
784 commits
Total by The PHP Foundation in 2023
702 reviews
Proposals authored or co-authored by The PHP Foundation developers in 2023
17 RFCs

Our Members

In alphabetical order, the ten founding members of the foundation are: Acquia, Automattic, Craft CMS, JetBrains, Laravel, PrestaShop, Private Packagist, Symfony, Tideways, Zend by Perforce.

The next tier of membership is Major Sponsor, and the following companies have all joined in support of our mission: Livesport s.r.o., Cybozu Inc., Ardennes-étape, Aternos GmbH, shopware AG, Mercari Inc., Moodle, OP.GG, EC-CUBE, Spryker, Aligent Consulting, Oro, Polcode, pixiv Inc., Paycom, Cambium Learning, Inc., ラクス 中村崇則, RAKUS, Digital Scholar, BASE Inc., Les-Tilleuls.coop, SPY.

The foundation is always open to new sponsors. If your company has been benefiting from PHP over the years, but not sure how it might give back to the ecosystem, now there's a clear and obvious choice.

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