PHP Core Roundup #18

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Welcome back to PHP Core Roundup series! This is where we highlight and celebrate the improvements made to PHP during the month past by the PHP development team and members of the PHP Foundation.

The PHP Foundation is a collective of PHP contributors, veterans, and companies that collaborate to ensure the long-term sustainability of the PHP programming language. The foundation currently supports six contributors focused on PHP's maintenance, debt reduction, and feature development. These contributors work closely with others on coding, documentation, and discussions.

Started over a year ago, the PHP Core Roundup series offers a summary of the latest developments, discussions, and news about PHP Core, contributed by both PHP Foundation members and other participants. This post is the thirteenth in the PHP Core Roundup series.

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The PHP development team released two new versions in October 2023:

PHP 8.2.12 and PHP 8.1.25

These releases include several bug fixes and improvements, notably in areas such as Core, CLI, CType, DOM, Fileinfo, Filter, Hash, Intl, MySQLnd, Opcache, PCRE, SimpleXML, Streams, XML, and XSL.

Recent RFCs and Mailing List Discussions

Changes and improvements to PHP are discussed, reported, and voted on by the PHP Foundation Team, the PHP development team, and contributors. Bug reports are made to the PHP issue tracker, changes are discussed in mailing lists, minor code changes are proposed as pull requests, and major changes are discussed in detail and voted on as PHP RFCs. Documentation and the website changes are also discussed and improved at their relevant Git repositories on GitHub.

Hundreds of awesome PHP contributors put their efforts into improvements to the PHP code base, documentation, and the website. Here is a summary of some changes made by the people behind PHP. Things marked with 💜 are done by the PHP Foundation team.

PHP 8.3 GA to be released this month!

PHP 8.3.0 GA is scheduled to be released on November 23rd. PHP 8.3.0 RC5 is already released, and RC6 (the last one) is scheduled for November, 9.

PHP 8.3.0 RC versions are available in Remi’s repos for Fedora/RHEL, Ondrej's repos for Debian/Ubuntu LTS, Docker images on Docker Hub, and compiled Windows binaries on

PHP 8.0 will reach EOL

PHP 8.0 will reach its End of Life (EOL) and will no longer receive security updates after November 26, 2023. You can always check the release and support schedule at

RFC Updates

Following are the RFCs and major pull-requests discussed, voted, and implemented since our last update.

In Voting: Straw poll - How to name the Process resource after it is converted to an object by Máté Kocsis 💜

As part of PHP's efforts in gradually phrasing out resource objects (php-tasks#6, article on PHP.Watch), this RFC polls the proposed names for the resource object class name that replaces Process resources. This ranked-choice poll (following STV) intends to pick a name from \Process, \ProcessHandle, and \OS\Process.

Implemented: Increasing the default BCrypt cost by Tim Düsterhus

RFC was approved unanimously, but in the second vote, where a new cost value had to be determined, opinions were divided.

The cost will be increased to 12 in PHP 8.4.

Implemented: XML_OPTION_PARSE_HUGE by Niels Dossche

A new option will be added to the event-driven (SAX) XmlParser that would allow it to parse large documents.

Accepted: DOM HTML5 parsing and serialization by Niels Dossche

PHP 8.4 will get new classes: DOM\HTMLDocument and DOM\XMLDocument to the dom extension. Existing dom classes in the global namespace get an alias in the new DOM namespace.

The HTMLDocument class will add support for HTML5 document parsing and serializing. The XMLDocument class serves as a modern alternative to \DOMDocument, which is retained for compatibility. These new classes also provide a more misuse-resistant API for loading documents.

Accepted: A new JIT implementation based on IR Framework by Dmitry Stogov

RFC proposed a new JIT implementation based on a separately developed IR Framework. The main advantage of the new approach is that PHP source code will be freed from the low-level details of JIT compilation. The downside is a longer JIT-compilation time.

The proposal was accepted, so Dmitry Stogov merged the new JIT into the master which means it will be available in PHP 8.4.

Under discussion: RFC1867 for non-POST HTTP verbs by Ilija Tovilo 💜

Now PHP supports the parsing of multipart/form-data content type natively, but only for POST requests. If POST request has the multipart/form-data content type, the request body is immediately consumed before starting the PHP script and populated into the $_POST and $_FILES superglobals.

RFC proposes to add a new function request_parse_body() to expose the existing functionality to userland so that it may be used for other HTTP verbs.

Under discussion: Rounding Integers as int by Marc Bennewitz

Currently round(), ceil() and floor() functions return float numbers, but when using integers above 2^53 you get unexpected results due to loss of precision.

RFC proposes to perform rounding for a given integer and returning the resulting integer if possible.

Under discussion: Unbundle ext/imap, ext/pspell, ext/oci8, and ext/PDO_OCI by Derick Rethans 💜

RFC proposes to unbundle these extensions: remove them from the PHP source distribution, and move them to PECL.

Under discussion: Multibyte for trim function mb_trim, mb_ltrim and mb_rtrim by Yuya Hamada

RFC proposes to add multibyte support for trim functions.

Under discussion: Change the edge case of round() by Saki Takamachi

RFC proposes to change the round() behavior, and stop expecting decimal behavior to float point and start expecting floating point to behave as floating point.


While PHP 8.3 is just around the corner, the documentation available on, requires updating.

Gina P. Banyard 💜 is tracking the progress for PHP 8.3 related changes in php/doc-en#2796, and also triaged issues in the docs and marked several of them as "good first time", which are ideal easy picks if you would like to start contributing to PHP docs. You can find the full list on GitHub.

Merged PRs and Commits

Following are some changes that did not go through an RFC process because they are either planned, bug fixes, or progressive enhancements.

Full list of commits since PHP Core Roundup #17

Commits are in the order they were added, grouped by author in alphabetical order.

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Alex Dowad

  • Add fast mb_strcut implementation for UTF-16 in d04854b38c
  • Fix infinite loop when mb_detect_encoding is used on UTF-8 BOM in 81e236cde5
  • PHP_HAVE_BUILTIN_USUB_OVERFLOW macro is defined even if __builtin_usub_overflow not available in 0c22276888
  • Add fast mb_strcut implementation for UTF-8 in 1f0cf133db
  • Add test cases for mb_strcut in 3fa836f711
  • Add tests to document behavior of UTF7-IMAP conversion in obscure corner case in 9aa4b2bbad
  • Add assertion to mb_utf7imap_to_wchar to catch buffer overrun in a57fdea149

Anatol Belski

Ayesh Karunaratne

Ben Ramsey

  • Add instructions for updating security.txt in web-php in GH-12316


  • php_cli_server: ensure single date header is present in f6ac08c6a3

Cristian Rodríguez

  • opcache: Use O_TMPFILE file lock if available in GH-8634

Daniil Gentili


  • cleanup inet_ntoa usage in 1c8943bc78
  • ext/pdo_pgsql: cleanup the 3rd protocol is supported since circa 2010. in GH-12464
  • ext/pgsql: cleanup the 3rd protocol is supported since circa 2010. in GH-12465
  • CODEOWNERS: adding myself for the pdo_pgsql extension in GH-12456
  • Fix 12424 PDO_PGSQL unit test unexistent variables in GH-12446
  • opcache posix creating special shared segments for FreeBSD 13 and above in 2e0ca4718b
  • zend call stack for DragonFlyBSD. in GH-12325

Dmitry Stogov

  • Backport fix for incorrect assumption about in-memory zval type in 455a967934
  • Backport implementation of iterative Pearce's SCC finding algoritm in GH-12528
  • Add reference to IR framework in c282e2080f
  • Fixed codegeneration for NOT in ed37ab9d14
  • Fixed GH-12511: Use must be in next opline assertion with patched infection in b3b46a44c5
  • Fix memory leak after GC inside a foreach loop in GH-12572
  • Fixed GH-12560: Assertion `0 && "too long jmp distance"' failed with new JIT on AArch64 in 93c57af778
  • Fixed codegeneration for PRE_DEC in 411b6fb4e6
  • Fixed incorrect assumption about in-memory zval type in 52480b3a79
  • Fixed codegeneration for MATCH in bd183a4069
  • Fixed codegeneration for FETCH_DIM_IS in e482785886
  • Fixed codegenertion for FETCH_DIM_W in c8cb68ad0a
  • Fixed incorrect trace type inference in c19347a0d3
  • Implement iterative Pearce's SCC finding algoritm in GH-12528
  • Fixed GH-12509: JIT assertion when running php-parser tests in 5f46d86955
  • Fixed codegeneration for IDENTICAL in e95faaeebd
  • Fixed code generation for DETCH_DIM_R in ce269178a9
  • Fixed regression introduced by 4ae483af in 8eda3151eb
  • Fixed regression intoduced by 76c41d27 in fbf4e196da
  • Fixed codegeneration for INC_OBJ in a96ea5d235
  • Fixed code generation for MOD in 9f5a4c3799
  • Fixed code generation for CMP in c2b704b63e
  • Fixed code generation for ASSIGN_DIM in c163ff68da
  • Invalidate "memory" type of zval if a register was stored in memory to call a helper function in accc1e6c67
  • Fixed compilation of "switch" with undefined input in 8fc3615a7a
  • Fixed compilation of dead code after assignment property to non object in 3a8767b0d1
  • Update IR in 894a7594aa
  • Update IR in 1068a5f758
  • Fixed selection candidates for register allocation in 4ae483af36
  • Fixed compilation of match with undefined input in 23e4e3b18b
  • Fixed incorrect type inference in aa45df4849
  • Fixed GH-12482: Abortion with tracing JIT in 76c41d27f9
  • Remove old JIT implementation in GH-12498
  • memory_consumption must be page aligned in e270ee3008
  • Fixed GH-12494: Zend/tests/arginfo_zpp_mismatch.phpt causes a segfault withJIT + --repeat 2 in e0ca4dca5b
  • Fix possible NULL dereference (crash on Zend/tests/arginfo_zpp_mismatch.phpt) in 25cb2a40d6
  • A new PHP JIT implementation based on IR JIT framework in GH-12079
  • Fixed GH-11917: primitives seem to be passed via reference instead of by value under some conditions when JIT is enabled on windows in GH-12451
  • Fixed GH-12428: Assertion with function/tracing JIT in dabced0fbb
  • Fixed possible use-after-free in 2297e8c143
  • Fix GH-12364: JIT leak in Symfony TranslationDebugCommandTest in GH-12394
  • Fix GH-12364: JIT leak in Symfony TranslationDebugCommandTest in GH-12394
  • Fix incorrect trace type inference in 44a7016049
  • Fixed GH-12382: JIT Index invalid or out of range error in 5a8f96b0bb
  • Fixed GH-12262: Tracing JIT assertion crash when using phpstan in 54452b4811

Eric Mann

Gina Peter Banyard 💜

  • PDO: Clean-up tests so it's easier to see if they use default test table in GH-12552
  • ext/xml: Refactor extension to use FCC instead of zvals for handlers in GH-12340
  • ext/spl: Use new F ZPP modifier in e41598c7fc
  • ext/libxml: Use new F ZPP modifier in 52de0950f4
  • Zend: Add ZPP F type check for callables that do not free trampolines in d86314939c
  • Add some const qualifiers in HashTable foreach macros in GH-8671


  • Fix null pointer dereferences in case of allocation failure in 900f0cab9f

Ilija Tovilo 💜

  • Add zend_worklist.h to PHP_INSTALL_HEADERS in GH-12571
  • Attempt to fix pdo_mysql conflict on CircleCI in GH-12563
  • Run FreeBSD on push in b280f1f964
  • Split complex regexes to multiple lines in zend_vm_gen.php in 964e9d806b
  • Fix double-free of doc_comment when overriding static property via trait in af3d2f7ec9
  • Implement diagnostic ignore macro for Clang in 80b4c73030
  • Close PHP tags in tests in f39b5c4c25
  • Avoid JIT warning with opcache.jit_buffer_size=0 in 07d81592e9
  • Revert "Test ASAN on Ubuntu 22.04 in nightly by increasing swap" in 5a0c0072dd
  • Remove redundant CI JIT flags in 29fed1cf47
  • Fix JIT on nightly in 734afa0ba8
  • CircleCI: Increase no_output_timeout to 30m in c07aed53dd
  • Remove invalid --with-zlib-dir=/usr configure flag in 384a4764b1
  • Move ARM build to CircleCI in 4332546bbf
  • Reduce jit_max_root_traces in tests in 2aa2d91a7b
  • Fix use-after-free of constant name in 53dbb760da
  • Move Cirrus to nightly only, trigger on-demand in 92693a2286
  • Minimal backport of 098d9ca in 36a87e6d32
  • Fix SKIPIF jit test in 6e7e52de19
  • Add missing jitType input for test-macos action in 234648e40c
  • Fix invalid returned opcode for memoized expressions in 4ba5699903
  • Test ASAN on Ubuntu 22.04 in nightly by increasing swap in f7cef9a242
  • Fix str_decrement() on "1" in b31a5b2731
  • Use separate sqlsrv dbs for different exts in 769f41bb21
  • Fix GCC warning in math.c in fcae58809f

Jakub Zelenka 💜

Jorg Adam Sowa

  • Typed constants in sqlite extension in GH-12379
  • Typed constants in Intl extenstion in GH-12360
  • Typed constants in PDO extension in GH-12362
  • Typed constants in reflection extension in GH-12378
  • Typed constants in SPL extension in GH-12358

Julien Desrosiers

Julien Francoz

  • add file path in opcache lock file error in GH-10331

Kévin Dunglas

  • fix: don't delete an unitialized timer in GH-12537

Levi Morrison

  • fix mbstring.c -Wsingle-bit-bitfield-constant-conversion in GH-12327
  • fix -Wreturn-type and -Wstrict-prototypes in gd configure in GH-12328

Marcos Marcolin

  • Remove unused code in run-tests.php in GH-12553
  • chore: removes redundant validation of $repeat, as it is the while condition. in GH-12521

Michael Voříšek

Mikhail Galanin

  • Invalidate path even if the file was deleted in f4ab494906

Máté Kocsis 💜

  • Parallelize pdo tests (dblib, firebird, oci, odbc, pgsql) in GH-12395

Niels Dossche

  • Fix memory leak in error path of zend_register_list_destructors_ex in 3bf5d89efb
  • Fix cloning attribute with namespace disappearing namespace in 3e33eda39a
  • Fix GH-12532: PharData created from zip has incorrect timestamp in a470c4aeef
  • Remove dead stores from ext/spl in GH-12550
  • Mitigate #51561: SoapServer with a extented class and using sessions, lost the setPersistence() in 53218b1a32
  • Fix FFI tests on 8.3+ in 43064cae94
  • Fix #47531: No way of removing redundant xmlns: declarations in f9a24969d0
  • Fix bug #75306: Memleak in SoapClient in 27797a26ca
  • Fix incorrect dtor for persistent sdl->encoders in 9f7f3b2034
  • Fix soap crash with ZEND_RC_DEBUG in GH-12514
  • Convert ext/xml fields from int to bool in GH-12497
  • Use Clang 16 to work around LSAN TLS crashes in GH-12496
  • [RFC] DOM HTML5 parsing and serialization support (Lexbor library part) in GH-12493
  • Implement request #68325: parse huge option for xml_parser_create (#12256) in 98b08c52db
  • Remove php_xsl_create_object() in GH-12492
  • Fix segfault and assertion failure with refcounted props and arrays in 01d61605d3
  • Fix segfault and assertion failure with refcounted props and arrays in deebb68612
  • Fix incorrect uri check in SOAP caching in abf562c417
  • Fix bug #66150: SOAP WSDL cache race condition causes Segmentation Fault in 43e63168e9
  • Avoid refcounted copy in _object_properties_init() for internal classes in GH-12474
  • Add Laravel demo page to benchmark CI in 1c9c3af157
  • Cleanup unused variable in php_dom.c in GH-12463
  • Refactor some ext/pcre code for performance in GH-12447
  • Add missing module dependency for xsl in 68aa793173
  • Remove unused variable 'error' in GH-12438
  • Fix compile error when php_libxml.h is included in C++ in 0cab865275
  • Optimize strspn() in d0b29d8286
  • Fix registerNodeClass with abstract class crashing in d7de0ceca6
  • Cover more paths in dom_xpath_ext_function_php() with tests in 49b8168ddb
  • Introduce Z_PARAM_FUNC_EX2 to maintain compatibility in GH-12419
  • Fix GH-12392: Segmentation fault on SoapClient::__getTypes in 7e4a3236d9
  • Fix GH-8996: DOMNode serialization on PHP ^8.1 in 24e5e4ec0d
  • Fix GH-12380: JIT+private array property access inside closure accesses private property in child class in fb6838770c
  • Convert bounds exception in SplFixedArray to OutOfBoundsException instead of RuntimeException in GH-12383
  • Fix Windows CI in ae52f1958d
  • Add missing properties to xsl stub in GH-12334
  • Ignore optional warning output in test in 6cf76d552e
  • Fix test under older CI configurations in b140f6e9f8
  • Fix #80092: ZTS + preload = segfault on shutdown in bdc87b0f66
  • Improve error messages for XSLTProcessor::transformToDoc() in GH-12332
  • Fix broken cache invalidation with deallocated and reallocated document node in eebc528cbf
  • Use RETURN_STR_COPY() in xsl in f10e1b8f59
  • Implement request #64137 (XSLTProcessor::setParameter() should allow both quotes to be used) in 5c749ad4cf
  • Apply SimpleXML iterator fixes only on master in b842ea4fa8
  • Add test for XSLTProcessor::getParameter() in b67530a6c0

Omar Emara

  • PGSQL: Allow unconditional selection in pg_select in 75da0d7c45

Peter Kokot

  • Remove unused DBA_CDB_MAKE constant in GH-12535
  • Remove redundant code in ext/mysqlnd build in GH-12384

Saki Takamachi

  • Optimized pdo_pgsql connection test in GH-12454
  • Fixed regular expression to get password from dsn in GH-12448
  • Fixed a bug in zend_memnistr with single character needle in 736032febf
  • Fix GH-12423: Changed to prioritize DSN authentication information over arguments in b5c287e4b4

Sergei Turchanov

  • Reset inheritance_cache pointer of zend_class_entry upon serialization in GH-12401


  • Fix segfault caused by weak references to FFI objects in GH-12488

Tim Düsterhus

  • random: Add additional test for Randomizer::getFloat() in GH-12436
  • random: Fix γ-section implementation for Randomizer::getFloat() in GH-12402
  • random: Remove RAND_RANGE_BADSCALING in GH-12374
  • pcre: Stop special-casing /e in GH-12355
  • password_hash: Increase PHP_PASSWORD_BCRYPT_COST to 12 in GH-12367


  • fileinfo: Backport svg detection patch in 1f5bea3452

Viktor Vassilyev

  • ext/soap: Add support for clark notation for namespaces in class map in e58af7c160


  • Fix the incorrect data type of float values in PDO query results in 6d10a69898

武田 憲太郎

  • Fix pgsql and mysql tests on GitHub actions in f42cef6675

We are incredibly grateful for the commitment and dedication of all contributors. Stay tuned for next month's roundup as we continue to make PHP better together.

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