PHP Core Roundup #9

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The first for the year 2023, and the ninth in the series, this episode of PHP Core Roundup is full of exciting new developments in PHP and about PHP 8.2, the latest PHP version released last month! January was a busy month with many RFC proposals, discussions, votes, and some that are already included for the upcoming PHP 8.3 version that is scheduled for November 2023.

The PHP Foundation currently supports six part-time PHP contributors who work on maintenance and new features for PHP. Maintenance is not limited to fixing bugs, but also includes work to reduce technical debt, making life easier for everyone working on PHP. The contributors funded by the PHP Foundation collaborate with other contributors on code, documentation, and discussions.

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PHP 8.2 Released

PHP 8.2 is here! With type-system improvements, readonlyclasses, sensitive parameter redaction support, a new "random" extension, and several new features and improvements, PHP 8.2.0 was released on December 08th, followed by a security-fix release 8.2.1 on January 05th.

Over 110 people, along with our six PHP Foundation members, helped shape PHP 8.2. Thank you for your amazing efforts 🙏🏼💜.

PHP 8.2 Release Announcement on contains a summary of what’s new and changed in PHP 8.2. Detailed lists and guides are also available on PHP.Watch: PHP 8.2 and

PHP 8.3 RFCs and Discussions

Discussions and proposals for new features and changes for the upcoming PHP version 8.3 were being made even before PHP 8.2.0 was released. January was a particularly eventful month with several proposals and discussions, including a few that went to a vote, and a few that are now implemented in the PHP master branch.

Most of the proposed improvements are in improving existing PHP functionality, especially the new readonly properties/class and the random extension. There were also discussions and proposals about adding a new syntax similar to Swift to declare granular get/set access to properties, passing the calling scope to class magic methods, and more.

Additionally, the Deprecations for PHP 8.3 RFC is also being drafted and discussed on features that the community proposes to deprecate in PHP 8.3 and remove in PHP 9.0.

Recent RFCs, Merged PRs, Discussions, and Commits

Changes and improvements to PHP are discussed, reported, and voted on by the PHP Foundation Team, the PHP development team, and contributors. Bug reports are made to the PHP issue tracker, changes are discussed in mailing lists, minor code changes are proposed as pull requests, and major changes are discussed in detail and voted on as PHP RFCs. Documentation and the website changes are also discussed and improved at their relevant Git repositories on GitHub.

Hundreds of awesome PHP contributors put their efforts into improvements to the PHP code base, documentation, and the website. Here is a summary of some changes made by the people behind PHP. Things marked with 💜 are done by the PHP Foundation team.

RFC Updates

Following are the RFCs and major pull-requests discussed, voted, and implemented since our last update.

  • RFC In Voting: Readonly amendments 💜

    RFC by Nicolas Grekas and Máté Kocsis, attempts to address some of the shortcomings of PHP 8.1 readonly properties and 8.2 readonly classes.

    This RFC proposes allowing readonly classes to be extended by non-readonly classes (currently not allowed, and causes a fatal error), and to allow reinitializing readonly properties during cloning (within the __clone() magic method).

  • RFC Accepted: More Appropriate Date/Time Exceptions 💜

    RFC by Derick Rethans, proposed to introduce Date/Time extension-specific exceptions and errors. This detailed RFC suggests more specificity in the exceptions with exception classes such as DateInvalidTimeZoneException, and DateMalformedPeriodStringException as well as promoting some of the current PHP warnings to Error exceptions.

    The vote was accepted, and the pull-request is nearly ready to be merged.

  • RFC Implemented: Randomizer Additions

    RFC by Joshua Rüsweg and Tim Düsterhus, proposed to add new “building block” methods to \Random\Randomizer (added in PHP 8.2) that implement commonly useful operations that are either verbose or very hard to implement in userland.

    The RFC proposed to add two new methods: getBytesFromString, to generate a random string containing specific characters, and getFloat/nextFloat, to generate a random floating point value.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Pass Scope to Magic Accessors 💜

    RFC by Nicolas Grekas and Ilija Tovilo, proposing to pass the calling scope to magic accessors to make it trivial to get it. While it is currently possible to retrieve the calling scope by retrieving the backtrace, the RFC proposes to pass the calling scope as the last argument to the magic methods, making it easier compared to fiddling with the debug backtrace.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Path to Saner Increment/Decrement operators 💜

    PHP's increment and decrement operators can have some surprising behaviours when used with types other than int and float. Various previous attempts (1, 2, 3) have been made to improve the behaviour of these operators, but none have been implemented. The goal of this RFC by Gina Peter Banyard is to normalize the behaviour of $v++ and $v-- to be the same as $v += 1 and $v -= 1, respectively.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Saner array_(sum|product)() 💜

    RFC by Gina Peter Banyard suggests improvements to the existing array_sum and array_product functions by emitting a warning when the arrays being summed/multiplied contain invalid types. This can introduce backwards-incompatible effects (apart from the warning) on code that relies on the current behavior of the functions.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Add SameSite cookie attribute parameter 💜

    RFC by Gina Peter Banyard proposes adding support for SameSite cookies as a function parameter to setcookie, setrawcookie, and session_set_cookie_params functions. While PHP 7.3 and later supports SameSite cookies when the cookie options are passed as an array, this RFC proposes to add a new parameter that accepts a SameSite enum value. The proposed SameSite enum contains Strict, Lax, and None members, which are the only accepted values.

  • RFC Under Discussion: Add file_descriptor() function 💜

    RFC by Gina Peter Banyard proposes a new file_descriptor() function that returns the integer file descriptor of a given stream, if the underlying file system supports it.

  • RFC Declined: Asymmetric Visibility 💜

    PHP’s property visibility modifiers (public, protected, and private) apply to both get and set operations. This RFC by Ilija Tovilo and Larry Garfield proposed a new syntax inspired by Swift to asymmetrically declare the visibility modifiers individually for get and set operations:

    class Foo
        public private(set) string $bar;

    In the snippet above, public private(set)indicates that get operations are public, while set operations are private.

    However, the vote held for this RFC did not pass. A lengthy mailing list discussion on this RFC is available here.

Notable Mailing List Discussions

Merged PRs and Commits

  • Alex Dowad continued with his series of improvements in mbstring extension optimizations. PHP 8.2 received several impactful performance improvements in mbstring extension too.
  • Tim Düsterhus made several improvements and fixes to the new "random" extension.
  • Max Kellermann made several improvements in making several pointers const, along with a new RFC to clean up PHP source's header include calls.

Following are some changes that did not go through an RFC process because they are either planned, bug fixes, or progressive enhancements. There are automated unit and integration tests for each of these changes, the PHP core developers review all pull requests.

Full list of commits since PHP Core Roundup #8

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  • Fix incorrect short-circuiting in constant expressions (#10030) in 683d81e4bd by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Fix GH-9769: Misleading error message for unpacking of objects in GH-9776 by 蝦米
  • Fix zend_fcc_equals() with trampolines (#10012) in c4a0fc62a2 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-10011 (Trampoline autoloader will get reregistered and cannot be unregistered) in GH-10033 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fallback to first line of function when ex->opline is NULL (#10003) in adc23828b4 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • ext/mysqli tests "using password" optional in error messages in GH-10035 by Daniel Black
  • Drop superfluous check for imap_stream in GH-10053 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix #81742: open_basedir bypass in SQLite3 by using file URI in GH-10018 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Replace Azure DevOps link with GitHub Actions in 35a4950ffa by Ben Ramsey
  • Rename PHP_STREAM_TO_ZVAL to PHP_STREAM_FROM_ZVAL (#10065) in 11b612af6d by Niels
  • ext/mysqli tests "using password" optional in error messages (part 2) in GH-10064 by Daniel Black
  • standard/basic_functions.c remove x bit on this file (#10069) in faef55d638 by David CARLIER
  • Support Microsoft's "Best Fit" mappings for Windows-1252 text encoding in a1a69c3734 by Alex Dowad
  • Fix mysqli test wrt. MariaDB in GH-10029 by Daniel Black
  • Add Randomizer::getBytesFromString() method in GH-9664 by Joshua Rüsweg
  • intl extension: msgfmt_set_pattern add pattern format error informations in 6422cf6f1a by David Carlier
  • Avoid code duplication in php_ini.c in GH-4512 by Elan Ruusamäe
  • Fix litespeed SAPI build warnings in GH-10068 by David Carlier
  • Fix compilation on RHEL 7 ppc64le (gcc 4.8) in GH-10078 by Mattias Ellert
  • Use fast text conversion filters for mb_strpos, mb_stripos, mb_substr, etc in 0c0774f5b4 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize SJIS decoder for speed in b3d197d688 by Alex Dowad
  • Move MacJapanese implementation into mbfilter_sjis.c in 4072a76e3f by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize MacJapanese decoder for speed in 005e49e552 by Alex Dowad
  • Move mobile variants of SJIS into mbfilter_sjis.c in 4ebfddfad4 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize SJIS-Mobile#DOCOMO decoder for speed in 43cdfa3190 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize SJIS-Mobile#KDDI decoder for speed in 6bf0c44f48 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize SJIS-Mobile#SOFTBANK decoder for speed in e36c600a31 by Alex Dowad
  • Add CLEAN section to some IO tests (#10081) in 3be2b0d0d8 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix borked Windows tests after 3be2b0d0 in fa3bbf078a by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • intl extension, follow up on #10006 for numfmt_set_pattern in GH-10073 by David Carlier
  • Change if (stack) check to an assertion (#10090) in 3ab18d4d14 by Niels
  • Fix GH-9949: Partial content on incomplete POST request in GH-10059 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Fix Windows shmget() wrt. IPC_PRIVATE in GH-9946 by Tyson Andre
  • shmget() with IPC_CREAT must not create 0 size SHM in 4631e9de2b by Christoph M. Becker
  • Add a new imap_is_open() function to check that a connection object is still valid in 52a891aeaa by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Add Randomizer::nextFloat() and Randomizer::getFloat() in GH-9679 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Implement mb_substr_count using fast text conversion filters in b9cd1cdb4f by Alex Dowad
  • Replace another root XML element format to the "canonical" one in 60cf9fbee0 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Remove the superfluous closing parentheses from class synopsis page includes in b4df038cee by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Always include the constructor on the class manual pages in 0fc60fab72 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Backport methodsynopsis role attributes changes from master in 6aa5e58414 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-10112: LDAP\Connection::__construct() refers to ldap_create() in GH-10115 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Only include the default constructor for non-abstract class synopses in d832125b8e by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Limit stack size in GH-9104 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Optimize JMP[N]Z_EX to BOOL instead of QM_ASSIGN (#10108) in 6d9d2eb355 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Remove unnecessary check of p in phpdbg_trim (#10122) in e288438373 by Niels
  • Speed boost for mb_stripos (when not using UTF-8) in 744ca16e73 by Alex Dowad
  • mb_str{i,}pos does not match illegal byte sequences against occurrences of mb_substitute_char in GH-9613 by Alex Dowad
  • Fix #81740: PDO::quote() may return unquoted string in 921b6813da by Christoph M. Becker
  • Make build work with newer OpenSSL in 5f90134bb6 by Stanislav Malyshev
  • Improve fix for bug #81740 in a6a80eefe0 by Stanislav Malyshev
  • Fix memory leak in 683285165e by Dmitry Stogov
  • mbstring: Do not stop when mbstring test failed in e0e587cdb8 by Yuya Hamada
  • Skip newly added test on 32bit platforms in cf5dac07d2 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Force extension loading for new test in da5cbca23e by Christoph M. Becker
  • Skip tests under MSAN in cf77762970 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix GH-9891: DateTime modify with unixtimestamp (@) must work like setTimestamp in d19a70c9a0 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • Fix #10133 set variables_order en ensure $ENV is set in bfa56cf62b by Remi Collet
  • Fix bug #77106: Missing separator in FPM FastCGI errors in 891b58d503 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • ext/opcache/jit/zend_jit: fix inverted bailout value in zend_runtime_jit() (#10144) in d3a6eedf4a by Max Kellermann
  • Cleanup redundant lookups in phar_object.c (#10150) in 7b2c3c11b2 by Niels
  • Initialize ping_auto_globals_mask to prevent undefined behaviour in GH-10121 by Niels Dossche
  • Remove _zend_ast_decl->lex_pos (#10046) in 23fe58c3a8 by Niels
  • cli server addressing few todos in GH-10124 by David Carlier
  • sockets adding TCP_QUICKACK constant in GH-10145 by David Carlier
  • Add a regression test for auto_globals_jit=0 with preloading on in bbad29b9c1 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix undefined behaviour in phpdbg_load_module_or_extension in GH-10157 by Niels Dossche
  • Update test for changed behaviour of GMP constructor in a24659e70c by Niels Dossche
  • Fix GH-10072: PHP crashes when execute_ex is overridden and a __call trampoline is used from internal code in 233ffccc35 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • Make sure to disable JIT when overriding execute_ex in b489e0f2b8 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • Add secondary test that registers a trampoline as a shutdown function in 44add3c791 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-9981: FPM does not reset fastcgi.error_header in a3891d9d1a by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Fix memory leak because of incorrect optimization in 0464524292 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix bug #68591: Configuration test does not perform UID lookups in GH-10165 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • ext/opcache/jit: handle zend_jit_find_trace() failures in b26b758952 by Max Kellermann
  • Use proper int|float union type instead of numeric (#10162) in 4cee2c0127 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Added missed return in ca5f668f7c by Dmitry Stogov
  • ext/opcache/jit/zend_jit_trace: add missing lock for EXIT_INVALIDATE in e217138b40 by Max Kellermann
  • Allow h and k flags to be combined for mb_convert_kana in GH-10174 by Alex Dowad
  • Register parameter attributes via stub in ext/zend_test (#10183) in 3e48e52d93 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Fix null pointer dereference of param in 3a44c78f14 by Niels Dossche
  • Improve mb_detect_encoding's recognition of Turkish text in f40c3fca88 by Alex Dowad
  • Fix memory leak in posix_ttyname() in GH-10190 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-10187: Segfault in stripslashes() with arm64 in GH-10188 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix variation5-win32(-mb).phpt wrt. parallel test execution in GH-10189 by Christoph M. Becker
  • Better document constructors in eebf3bc0ba by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Do not display non-existent constructors in 38e138798d by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Do not list private constructors as inherited in 7b08fe9f2d by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-10200: zif_get_object_vars: Assertion !(((__ht)->u.flags & (1<<2)) != 0) failed in GH-10209 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix GH-10200: zif_get_object_vars: Assertion !(((__ht)->u.flags & (1<<2)) != 0) failed in GH-10209 by Niels Dossche
  • ext/opcache/zend_shared_alloc: add assertions on "locked" flag in e1a25ff2ed by Max Kellermann
  • ext/opcache/zend_shared_alloc: change "locked" check to assertion in 10d43c40dd by Max Kellermann
  • Fix GH-10202: posix_getgr(gid|nam)_basic.phpt fail in d5f0362e59 by Niels Dossche
  • Implement mb_output_handler using fast text conversion filters in a9a672048b by Alex Dowad
  • Implement mb_str_split using fast text conversion filters in 88c99afdac by Alex Dowad
  • Mark default interned strings as valid UTF-8 where appropriate in e2654a532a by Alex Dowad
  • Implement php_mb_zend_encoding_converter using fast text conversion filters in 953864661a by Alex Dowad
  • Implement mb_detect_encoding using fast text conversion filters in 0e7160b836 by Alex Dowad
  • Use smart_str in mb_http_input rather than mbfl_memory_device in 3b5072f6f6 by Alex Dowad
  • Revert "Make build work with newer OpenSSL" in 255e08ac56 by Gabriel Caruso
  • Zend/zend_ini_scanner: zend_ini_scanner_get_filename() returns const string in 5e9b335e24 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_ini_scanner: parse const strings in 2d662f325d by Max Kellermann
  • main/SAPI: make "ini_entries" a const string in d53ad4b566 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_operators: make several pointers const in a8eb399ca3 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_API: make several pointers const in f5149535e8 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_smart_str: make several pointers const in 00a918f0cc by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_execute: make several pointers const in 0caef56ed6 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/zend_object_handlers: make several pointers const in d48c5372ab by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/Optimizer/zend_inference: make several pointers const in efd5ecb0f2 by Max Kellermann
  • Zend/Optimizer/zend_ssa: make pointer const in 5ea9a7e219 by Max Kellermann
  • Enforce literals in certain macros (#10111) in 0f4d37d040 by Levi Morrison
  • Simplify code for conversion of UHC to Unicode in ef114f94b9 by Alex Dowad
  • Combine uhc1_ucs_table and uhc2_ucs_table for UHC/EUC-KR/ISO-2022-KR conversion in 74319de2f9 by Alex Dowad
  • Remove redundant bounds check for lookup in BIG5 conversion table in b15d0a9ba5 by Alex Dowad
  • Manually handle int ZPP for posix_isatty()/posix_ttyname() in 54767b1047 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Check that int file descriptor is valid for posix_(isatty|ttyname) in 31e7d6ef05 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Optimize conversion of CP936 to Unicode in 703725e43b by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize conversion of GB18030 to Unicode in ffbddc4848 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize out bounds check in UHC decoder in a76658b329 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize another check out of hot path for UHC decoding in e837a8800b by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize out another bounds check in BIG5 decoder in 9c283850fb by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize out checks in hot path for SJIS decoding in d75c78b0c8 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize out more checks from hot path for BIG5 decoding in 204694cc71 by Alex Dowad
  • Correct entry for 0x80,0xFD-FF in SJIS multi-byte character length table in d104481af8 by Alex Dowad
  • Add missing EXTENSIONS section to test file gh10200 in de633c31dd by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Close GH-10217: Use strlen() for determining the class_name length in GH-10231 by Dennis Buteyn
  • chore: remove semicolon left over in GH-10236 by Marcos Marcolin
  • Use different mblen_table for different SJIS variants in 3152b7b26f by Alex Dowad
  • posix adding posix_pathconf in GH-10238 by David Carlier
  • follow-up on GH-10238. (#10243) in 84af629e7e by David CARLIER
  • Move test for GH-10200 to the simplexml extension test directory in GH-10252 by Niels Dossche
  • random: Fix check before closing random_fd (#10247) in 32f503e4e3 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Remove unnecessary NULL-checks on ctx (#10256) in 58d741c042 by Niels
  • Remove 'fast path' using mblen_table from mb_get_strlen (it's actually a slow path) in cca4ca6d3d by Alex Dowad
  • Add unit tests for mb_str_split/mb_substr on MacJapanese encoding in d8b5b9fa55 by Alex Dowad
  • Optimize branch structure of UTF-8 decoder routine in 092ad3e462 by Alex Dowad
  • Fix GH-9710: phpdbg memory leaks by option "-h" in GH-10237 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix GH-10251: Assertion (flag & (1<<3)) == 0 failed in GH-10254 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix recently introduced gh10251.phpt in 6faeb9571d by Christoph M. Becker
  • Add fast SSE2-based implementation of mb_strlen for known-valid UTF-8 strings in b4cbaabd9b by Alex Dowad
  • ext/opcache/jit/zend_jit_trace: fix memory leak in _compile_root_trace() (#10146) in bcc5d268f6 by Max Kellermann
  • Fix incorrect optimization of ASSIGN_OP may lead to incorrect result (sub assign -> pre dec conversion for null values) in 4d4a53beee by Dmitry Stogov
  • Adapt ext/intl tests for ICU 72.1 in a9e7b90cc2 by Christoph M. Becker
  • random: Randomizer::getFloat(): Fix check for empty open intervals (#10185) in 13b82eef84 by Tim Düsterhus
  • posix_pathconf throwing ValueError on empty path in 61cf7d49ab by David Carlier
  • Fixed GH-10218: DateTimeZone fails to parse time zones that contain the "+" character in d12ba111e0 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • fix: indirect_return compilation warning in GH-10274 by Kévin Dunglas
  • random: Rely on free(NULL) being safe for random status freeing (#10246) in e7c0f4e816 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Mark UTF-8 strings emitted by mbstring functions as valid UTF-8 in 4427b2e1ab by Alex Dowad
  • Fix ASAN reported leak in FPM config test in GH-10296 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • ext/opcache: C++ compatibility in b47bfd698d by Max Kellermann
  • ext/opcache/zend_shared_alloc: rename _register_xlat_entry() params in 24b311bdd7 by Max Kellermann
  • Implement Unicode conditional casing rules for Greek letter sigma in GH-8096 by Alex Dowad
  • Adjust code which checks if encoding is ISO-8859-9 when converting case in 290efe842d by Alex Dowad
  • Implement conditional casing for Greek letter sigma when title-casing text in a90358639d by Alex Dowad
  • Use absolute paths in OPCache tests when calling opcache_compile_file() in GH-10266 by Thomas Gerbet
  • unserialize: Strictly check for :{ at object start (#10214) in f2e8c5da90 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Stop using the deprecated set-output command in nightly_matrix.php (#10302) in 71bdcce9f8 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Fix GH-10249: Assertion `size >= page_size + 1 * page_size' failed in GH-10284 by Niels Dossche
  • posix adding posix_fpathconf in 55d19eee49 by David Carlier
  • socket DF flag on UDP socket via IP_MTU_DISCOVER on Linux and IP_DONTFRAGMENT on FreeBSD for path MTU discovery purpose in 9198e8894b by David Carlier
  • Fix comment for php_safe_bcmp (#10306) in fd7214436a by Tim Düsterhus
  • ext/opcache: use C11 atomics for "restart_in" (#10276) in 061fcdb0a5 by Max Kellermann
  • Fix bug #67244: Wrong owner:group for listening unix socket in 120aafcc42 by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • GC fiber unfinished executions in GH-9810 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Reduce HT_MAX_SIZE to account for the max load factor of 0.5 (#10242) in 0f7625c47c by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • build/php.m4: remove test for integer types (#10304) in 7473b86f10 by Max Kellermann
  • zend_hash_check_size: allow nSize <= HT_MAX_SIZE (#10244) in 2b1907786c by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix run-tests.php hanging when a worker process dies without notice in GH-9931 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • intl extension couple of micro optimisations for error edge cases. (#10044) in 690db97c6d by David CARLIER
  • Make array_pad's $length warning less confusing (#10149) in 6ab503814d by Niels
  • Fix typo in HAVE_ macro (#10310) in a493da7b9d by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix missing comment in FPM www.conf in 7d98e3e40c by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Remove useless check, search_str is always true here (#10322) in e951202a69 by Niels
  • Mark constant static arrays in function bodies actually as const (#10325) in a60c6ee0ac by Niels Dossche
  • Fix substr_replace with slots in repl_ht being UNDEF in GH-10323 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix missing check for xmlTextWriterEndElement in GH-10324 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix wrong flags check for compression method in phar_object.c in GH-10328 by Niels Dossche
  • Move http_build_query() tests to the HTTP test folder in c177ea91d4 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Add more tests for http_build_query() in ec7c7a7550 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Handle floats directly in http_build_query() in 7d33a30b40 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Extract scalar url encoding into its own function in 20a6638e22 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Introduce new INI API to get zend_string* value for an INI setting in 098a43dbd0 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Use a zend_string* for arg_sep in php_url_encode_hash_ex() in 76eaff080a by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Use zend_string* instead of char* and size_t pair for key_prefix in c9b8d1bfaa by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Drop key_suffix parameter in php_url_encode_hash_ex() in 540e5104df by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Update UPGRADING.INTERNALS with the changes made to php_url_encode_hash_ex() in 334ecbed5e by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-10271: Incorrect arithmetic calculations when using JIT in 42eed7bb4e by Dmitry Stogov
  • Remove dead cleanup code (#10333) in 9006f06a84 by Niels Dossche
  • Remove main() from mysqli warning (#10321) in 38dfd20526 by Kamil Tekiela
  • MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY is a bool attribute (#10320) in da550e7762 by Kamil Tekiela
  • Add some const qualifiers and better return types to zend_object_handlers.h (#10330) in 6556601b45 by Gina Peter Banyard 💜
  • Fix GH-9675: Re-adjust run_time_cache init for internal enum methods in GH-10143 by Petar Obradović
  • Fix incorrect comparison in block optimization pass in dfe9c2af19 by Niels Dossche
  • Add accelerated (SIMD-based) implementation of mb_check_encoding for UTF-8 in 3ae4779305 by Alex Dowad
  • Tweaks for accelerated implementation of mb_strlen for UTF-8 in b189aaacc2 by Alex Dowad
  • Add regression test for e560592a in a6a20c9e17 by Bob Weinand
  • Remove mysqlnd_shutdown() (#10355) in 0e5128c256 by Kamil Tekiela
  • Fix phpdbg segmentation fault in case of malformed input in GH-10353 by Niels Dossche
  • Handle exceptions from __toString in XXH3's initialization in GH-10352 by Niels Dossche
  • Remove useless php_stream_tell() call in GH-10365 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix UNEXPECTED() paren mistakes in GH-10364 by Niels Dossche
  • Remove pcre_get_compiled_regex_ex() (#10354) in fa1e3f9798 by Kamil Tekiela
  • Simplify check (in mb_fast_check_utf8) for seeing if 16 bytes are all ASCII characters in d58f70455b by Alex Dowad
  • Simplify checks (in mb_fast_check_utf8) for overlong code units and invalid codepoint values in 8902e47f3d by Alex Dowad
  • Fix incorrect check condition in ZEND_YIELD in GH-10332 by Niels Dossche
  • Remove php_pdo_mysql_sqlstate.h in GH-10363 by Marcos Marcolin
  • Fix incorrect UNEXPECTED paren placement in zend_gc.c in GH-10371 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix incorrect compilation of FE_FETCH with predicted empty array in 7d68f9128e by Dmitry Stogov
  • mb_detect_encoding is more accurate on strings with UTF-8/16 BOM in cb840799b4 by Alex Dowad
  • Customize the link of some constants in the manual in 148ac364e9 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix bug 69168: DomNode::getNodePath() returns invalid path in GH-10318 by Niels Dossche
  • Implement GMP::__construct() in GH-10225 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix incorrect trace type inference when function SSA is not available in 298aa74b16 by Dmitry Stogov
  • Revert "ext/opcache: use C11 atomics for "restart_in" (#10276)" (#10339) in bff7a56d00 by Max Kellermann
  • Sync with timelib 2021.19 in ce877da23b, 4d8f981818, and 0df92d218e by Derick Rethans 💜
  • Fix GH-8086: Introduce mail.mixed_lf_and_crlf INI in cc931af35d by Jakub Zelenka 💜
  • Delay debug JIT op_array dump until actual JIT-ing in 6676f5d3cb by Dmitry Stogov
  • Tweak SSE2-accelerated strtoupper() and strtolower() for speed in 0b7986f976 by Alex Dowad
  • Fix GH-10248: Assertion !(zval_get_type(&(*(property))) == 10) failed in 0801c567dc by Niels Dossche
  • Fix GH-10292 make the default value of the first parame of srand() and mt_srand() nullable (#10380) in 1f05d6ef80 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Use fast encoding conversion filters in mb_send_mail in 8a73a68190 by Alex Dowad
  • Use smart_str as dynamic buffer for extra headers in mb_send_mail in 23dab38fe9 by Alex Dowad
  • Remove duplicated length check in exif and remove always false condition from exif in f4dd35ea53 by Niels Dossche
  • mb_scrub does not attempt to scrub known-valid UTF-8 strings in 6f53dbb83e by Alex Dowad
  • Use RETURN_STR_COPY in mb_output_handler in 4f36623c1e by Alex Dowad
  • Honor constant expressions instead of just taking the last constant encountered in stubs in 1fbe855971 by Bob Weinand
  • Add a couple clarifying comments in cf1d21edbd by Bob Weinand
  • sockets add AF_DIVERT constant in f8f7fd2db1 by David Carlier
  • Fix GH-8329 Print true/false instead of bool in error and debug messages in GH-8385 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • strtok warns in case the string to split was not set in 256a34ed15 by David Carlier
  • exif add simple assert into jpeg header parsing as safety net more in a context of a possible text change. follow-up on GH-10402 in 1ab5d35bde by David Carlier
  • Remove unbalanced parentheses in an error message (#10420) in 670f1aa477 by Kamil Tekiela
  • Make stripslashes() only dependent on SSE2 configuration. (#10408) in 2b55dee4dc by Niels Dossche
  • AC_PROG_CC_C99 is obsolete with autoconf >= 2.70 (#10383) in bf5fdbd3a8 by Peter Kokot
  • session: Remove PS_EXTRA_RAND_BYTES (#10394) in d9c2cf7e3d by Tim Düsterhus
  • Mark globals as const (#10303) in d3facbe283 by Max Kellermann
  • Fix duplicated FILE section in test bug80747.phpt in 974dba3b80 by Niels Dossche
  • random: Remove check for HAVE_DEV_URANDOM in 2b395f7b6e by Tim Düsterhus
  • Remove now-unused check for /dev/urandom from Zend/Zend.m4 in a408781ab4 by Tim Düsterhus
  • random: Do not trust arc4random_buf() on glibc (#10390) in 57b362b7a9 by Tim Düsterhus
  • random: Simplify control flow for handling /dev/urandom errors (#10392) in a7998fda8d by Tim Düsterhus
  • password: Use php_random_bytes_throw in php_password_make_salt (#10393) in c59e0750af by Tim Düsterhus
  • random netbsd 10 update finally supporting getrandom syscall properly in 948cb4702c by David Carlier
  • posix detects posix_pathconf api in GH-10350 by David Carlier
  • random disable arc4random_buf for glibc, merge mistake in 2740920a39 by David Carlier
  • Fix incorrect bitshifting and masking in ffi bitfield (#10403) in 560ca9c7ae by Niels Dossche
  • Fix incorrect check condition in type inference (#10425) in 2787e3cd65 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix test failures when PHP is compiled without ZEND_CHECK_STACK_LIMIT (e.g. 32-bit CLANG build with address sanitizer) in 68381457cc by Dmitry Stogov
  • Fix GH-10292 1st param of mt_srand() has UNKNOWN default on PHP <8.3 in GH-10429 by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix GH-10259 ReflectionClass::getStaticProperties doesn't need null return type (#10418) in 016160800c by Máté Kocsis 💜
  • Fix incorrect page_size check in GH-10427 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix incorrect check in cs_8559_5 in map_from_unicode() in GH-10399 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix incorrect check in zend_internal_call_should_throw() in GH-10417 by Niels Dossche
  • random: Reduce variable scopes in CSPRNG (#10426) in 6c8ef1d997 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Add missing type guard in f6fc0fd97b by Dmitry Stogov
  • Sync timelib to 2022.05 to address OSS Fuzzer issues in 639bfbc217 by Derick Rethans 💜
  • GNU compilers remove hot attribute proposal. in GH-8922 by David CARLIER
  • zend extension build warning fix in fe9b622e7a by David Carlier
  • Adjust code to finish validating remaining 0-8 bytes at end of UTF-8 string in d14ed12783 by Alex Dowad
  • Add AVX2-accelerated version of mb_check_encoding for UTF-8 only in 63c50cc87e by Alex Dowad
  • Implement dynamic class const fetch in GH-9793 by Ilija Tovilo 💜
  • Add specialized UTF-8 validation function for hosts with no SSE2/AVX2 support in 8f318c383d by Alex Dowad
  • random: Fix off-by-one in fast path selection of Randomizer::getBytesFromString() (#10449) in 64d9080534 by Tim Düsterhus
  • Handle non-INDIRECT symbol table entries in zend_fiber_object_gc() (#10386) in 9830204213 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Prevent dtor of generator in suspended fiber (#10462) in 1173c2e64a by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix overflow check in OnUpdateMemoryConsumption (#10456) in d7de73b551 by Niels Dossche
  • Fix missing zend_shared_alloc_unlock() (#10405) in dc6fbec037 by Niels Dossche
  • Add test for GH-10405 in 306a72add4 by Arnaud Le Blanc 💜
  • Fix GH-10437: Set active fiber to null on bailout (#10443) in 284c29328e by Aaron Piotrowski
  • Fix incorrect check in phar tar parsing in GH-10464 by Niels Dossche

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