PHP Foundation Update, June 2022

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This month PHP foundation staff continues to work on the PHP core and the development of the initiative as a whole. Read on to learn more about what developers have accomplished, new sponsors, and other than financial ways to contribute to the foundation.

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PHP Core Roundup

Here's a summary of what the foundation's developers have been working on lately:

  • Arnaud Le Blanc revised the RFC and implementation of multi-statement short closures. The proposal is now on vote. Arnaud has also finished the improvements to ini quantity parsing.

  • Derick Rethans continues to fix bugs in DateTime to make working with dates in PHP as reliable as possible.

  • Gina P. Banyard has made several improvements to the type system: true, null, and false standalaone types have been added, and Disjunctive Normal Form Types put on vote. Gina also made a few fixes in SPL.

  • Ilija Tovilo implemented multiple improvements for enums and put a couple on vote. He also made many fixes, like for instance fixed line numbers in backtrace of multi-line (fluent) function calls.

  • Jakub Zelenka made various fixes and improvements to PHP-FPM and OpenSSL extension.

  • Máté Kocsis makes improvements to stubs and other fixes.

All developers devote significant time to maintenance, including fixing bugs, reducing technical debt, and making life easier for everyone working on PHP.

In the PHP Roundup #3 post by Ayesh, you can find a detailed log of what's been done and discussed regarding the PHP engine during the past month.

This time the list of changes is very long! Applause to all the PHP contributors and release managers.

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Thank you to our sponsors

This month we are glad to welcome a new major sponsor who joined the PHP Foundation’s sponsors herd: Mollie. Thank you, folks!

By the way, we have updated the Sponsors section on our website. It now shows all major contributors sorted by the amount of donation. Kudos to Sergei Panteleev for this tweak.

Shout-out to everyone for your continued support – the PHP Foundation is all of us!

Other ways to contribute

We are receiving many offers of help from every corner of the community. We are grateful for the offers. There are essentially two kinds of offers being made:

  1. An offer of development time
  2. An offer of expertise

How to contribute development time?

The Foundation has limited resources to manage the developers we contract to work on PHP. For this reason, it is not sensible to assume the management of external developers.

Any external developer who is compensated for their time spent on PHP is, of course, welcome to make use of our public communication channels:

  1. Email as:
  2. Communicate via issues on GitHub repos:,, etc.

How to contribute expertise?

As the foundation begins to mature, a couple of currently unfulfilled roles have emerged.

We will soon communicate the details of these roles.

We intend to compile a list of all expertise on offer; If you haven't done so already, please tell what expertise you would like to make available using public communication channels.

That’s all for today. Follow us on Twitter @ThePHPF to get the latest updates from the Foundation.