The PHP Foundation Update, January 2022

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In November, the PHP Foundation was launched publicly and we’ve seen enormous support from the community. Thanks to all of you who have already supported the initiative! We’re planning to update you about our workstream activities on a monthly basis, and this is our first update post. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been working on!

The first round of applications is now closed

Since November, many developers have applied for sponsorship, and there were quite a few that we would be very happy to sponsor.

We are discussing the details with applicants and planning the budget. In order to organize this correctly we need proper documents and agreements. The JetBrains legal department and OpenCollective staff are helping us to prepare the required paperwork.

We plan to complete the preparations and sign the necessary documents in January. After that, we will announce the list of the first batch of sponsored developers.

How we’re making decisions

So far, we have held three administration meetings where we discussed the pressing issues. Each meeting and the decision-making process are documented in our organization on GitHub at For now the details are hidden, but we would like to make these meetings and notes public at some point.

In the next few months, we plan to hold biweekly meetings and work on the foundation’s governance, rules, and bylaws.

Shout out to our sponsors

Many thanks to everyone who has donated to the PHP Foundation!

In addition to the founding sponsors – JetBrains, Automattic, Acquia, Zend, Craft CMS, Laravel, Symfony, Tideways, PrestaShop, and Private Packagist – we have a whole new group of major sponsors!

A big thanks goes to the following companies who donated $10,000 or more:

Thank you to everyone else who has contributed – the PHP Foundation is all of us!

That’s all for today. Follow us on Twitter @ThePHPF to get the latest updates from the foundation.


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